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Criteria for Residency

Criteria for Moving In and Continued Residency

In accordance with the regulations of the State of Tennessee, guidelines for an individual moving into Magnolia Place are as follows:

  • Does not require more than personal supervision of, or assistance with, ambulation, grooming, bathing, eating and dressing
  • Does not require more than personal supervision of or assistance with self-administered medication
  • Is able to participate in social and leisure activities.  Is not incontinent of bladder or bowel, unless the resident only requires assistance with personal hygiene.
  • Has not been adjudicated incompetent, or if so, has a legal guardian who is able to make decisions on the resident’s behalf
  • Is non-violent, as determined by a physician
  • Is free from apparent signs of symptoms of communicable disease
  • Is in sufficient health so as not to require licensed professional care on a 24-hour basis
  • May have special dietary needs as long as they can be met by the facility

If, at any time, after moving to Magnolia Place, a resident appears to need care beyond that which the facility is licensed to provide, the Administrator may require the resident to be physically examined by a licensed physician or licensed nurse practitioner.  Such examination shall be paid for by the resident with personal funds.

30 Day Notice

Any resident who is determined to be inappropriately residing at Magnolia Place shall be given thirty-day (30) notice to relocate.  An exception shall be given if the resident presents an imminent danger to the health, safety, or welfare of themselves or others, or substantial probability exists that serious physical harm or death would result if the resident were allowed to remain in the facility.

Medication Disbursement Requirement

All medication will be distributed by the Magnolia Place staff members under the direction of the staff nurse.  Van’s Institutional Pharmacy will furnish all medications to Magnolia Place in specially prepared packaging.  Anyone requiring medication packaging other than the ones supplied by Van’s Pharmacy will be charged a $25.00 per month surcharge.


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