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Why Us?

Magnolia Place Assisted Living is a non profit organization that began in 1997 to help senior adults in Obion County. We were organized by a single bond sale in Obion County and have operated under those guidelines ever since.

Our primary focus has been to pay our bond indebtedness to the bond holder. As we approach the end of that milestone, we are now ready to fulfill our commitment to the citizens of Obion County. All funds generated by Magnolia Place Assisted Living, minus normal operating expenses, will be reinvested back into the community in the form of charitable donations. These donations will be granted to numerous organizations as determined by the board of directors. We feel strongly about the positive effect this will have on all people in this area, young and old alike.

“We felt the remodeling of the Senior Citizen Center was a great place to start the next phase of Magnolia Place Assisted Living. We are very happy to be a part of this occasion and to honor the senior adults that gave so much to make Obion County the great place it is today.” Mr. Johnson Said. “We are looking toward a very bright future for seniors in this area.

Magnolia Place nonprofit donations:

  • Obion County Senior Citizens Center
  • Obion County Rescue Squad
  • American Legion Veteran’s Flag and Decoration Day
  • Obion County Hometown Walk of Hope
  • Corporate Sponsor for Community Concert Series
  • Union City High School top Ten Banquet
  • Boys & girls Club of Northwest Tennessee
  • Main Street
  • and many more to come…

At Magnolia Place, we understand what is important to you.  We provide spacious personal space to give you the independence you want.  Our commitment to care is second to none.  Magnolia Place offers the peace of mind that you long for.  We provide the safety and security that you deserve.

We invite you to visit us at anytime for a tour and lunch to see what Magnolia Place can offer you.  Please call 731-885-8004 for the key to your future and be sure to inquire about our special introductory rates.


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    Union City, TN 38261
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